Great Pier on Need op Freed


Last Friday Cross of the Dutchman was featured on live television in the Frysian talkshow Need op Freed. Remco and Gerard took the latest demo build and went to the studios in Leeuwarden and talked about…

Indigo 2012 video report by DGG

ddg indigo report featured

Remember us being at Indigo 2012? Dutch Game Garden, the creators of this great event, have just finished their video report! Unfortunately for most of you, it’s in Dutch, but it contains new gameplay footage! Remco’s…

GDC Online picture gallery!


Did you see yesterdays picture of the week? Like we said, more pictures of GDC Online were coming. And here they are! When Remco emailed them to me he didn’t add any description other then a…

Picture of the week #24


This week it’s GDC Online in Austin, Texas. Remco traveled all the way across the sea to do some important business stuff there together with Margriet Spriensma. Not that he minds, according to the look on…

Cross of the Dutchman in the news


Since the end of our Kickstarter campaign, we received quite a lot of media attention. Not only from websites or blogs, but also from television, newspapers and magazines. Because it’s fun to read about our coverage,…

Picture of the week #20

Een Vandaag interview

Apparently the sword of Grutte Pier will be moved from Leeuwarden to Rotterdam. The Frisian Museum which is the current owner will temporarily close down because of rehousing. They lent it to the Maritiem Museum Rotterdam, where it will be…

Progress report #2

Grutte Pier and Rintsje

Most of you are probably curious about the progress we’ve made on Cross of the Dutchman in the last couple of weeks. We have been quite busy, actually three of our employees resided abroad last week….

Picture of the week #9

Picture of the week #9

You guys are going to like this! Yesterday, we received our new lunch break amusement, a Sega Astro City (Aero Dynamic Shape!) arcade cabinet! Games available are Super Street Fighter II, Final Fight and a Neo Geo MVS…

Picture of the week #6

picture of the week #6

Frank, Jildert, Remco and Erik doing a sprint review. The content of the sprint was a major step in the development of CotD. All aspects of the game like AI, Movement, Scripting and Battles have been…

Moving to a new office


You’ve probably noticed that last week was quite a slow week for new articles and community activity. Not to worry, we’re still hard at work developing CotD! Development continues to be right on schedule and also our…