Indigo 2012 video report by DGG

Remember us being at Indigo 2012? Dutch Game Garden, the creators of this great event, have just finished their video report! Unfortunately for most of you, it’s in Dutch, but it contains new gameplay footage! Remco’s part is translated below the video.


If you can’t wait for the CotD part, skip to 1:10

 Remco says:
“Here at Indigo it’s the first time that we showcase our public demo. It’s really exciting because now everyone can see it. Luckily for us they also tell us their opinion about it and after Indigo we can make some adjustments so the demo will be as perfect as it can be. And then the whole world will be able to enjoy it. So you could say this is our baptism by fire.”

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  1.  by  USSGreatePier

    Sweet :) Looks like a nice event… It wasn’t that far from my place, surely closer than Ljouwert, but I was otherwise engaged (in-laws – Grrrrr….)

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