Cross of the Dutchman is available now!

Today we are excited to announce that Cross of the Dutchman is available on Steam, Humble Store, Green Man Gaming, Gamesrocket, Nuveem, GetGamesGo and various other leading distribution platforms! Make sure to tell all your friends about it as well!

Equip your armor, ready your fists, pick up your sword, lead the rebellion and protect Frisia at all costs from the Saxon invaders! You will experience first hand what Pier Gerlofs Donia experienced when the Saxon invaders started to cause trouble in the province!

You will be able to purchase two different packages on these stores:

Standard Edition
Price: $8,99
Includes: a single copy of the game

Deluxe Edition
Price: $10,99
Includes: a copy of the game, a digital art-book, all the soundtracks of the game, timeline of the entire project and a papercraft item of the main character.

Make sure to support us by leaving a review of the game on our store page, we greatly appreciate all the help and support you all have given us over the last couple of years!

Cross of the Dutchman - 1

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