Meet the developers

About the company
Triangle Studios was founded in 2006 by Remco de Rooij and Timen Rienstra. Right after graduating from the NHL University, they decided to take a chance and start a gaming company. In the beginning, Triangle Studios did a lot of work for hire contracts with publishers and other developers but always wanted to work on building original games within the company. After five years the team is confident that it can handle the challenge of creating a game like Cross of the Dutchman and is working hard to create many more titles like it in the future!

About the team
Many of the developers working at Triangle Studios are from Friesland, the place where the legend of Great Pier originates from. Children are told the story of Great Pier and his efforts to free Friesland (or Frisia at that time) at a young age, and this story illustrates the pride many Frisians have in their province. When the idea came up to work on this local legend, the team was instantly enthusiastic, but as the ideas for the game started rolling in, it also became clear that it would be quite the challenge.

So, who is working on this game? Most of the guys on the team have been with Triangle for quite some time. Since we’re a small company, we usually work on multiple projects at once, but all of the guys listed below have a very important role on Cross of the Dutchman.

On top of that, many others have already helped out with the prototype and development of Cross of the Dutchman. The people we would like to mention are Ate Grijpstra, Jildert Hoekstra, Ilja Plutschouw, Erik de Jong, Steven Hiemstra, Frank Slofstra, Gerard Meindersma, Bram Lazaroms, Chi Chung Man, Stephan Bakker, Rigtje Schootstra, Wytze, Jos, etc.