We have been Greenlit!

Last Monday we were surprised to receive an e-mail from Valve stating that we had been Greenlit! We launched our campaign on June 26, 2015 and within less than 4 days (in hours) we were trending on position #8 within the Greenlight rankings. We expected to be Greenlit at some point, but not this fast!

We were humbled by thousands of votes, hundreds of comments and we were even featured on local television about our Greenlight campaign!

We want to thank all of the Steam communities, initial Kickstarter backers, community members and of course the voters! We are now planning to move all our game files to Steam and add additional Steam features (achievements etc.) before the release of Cross of the Dutchman in September 2015!

On the community website you can expect blogs and additional news about our game being posted in the upcoming months up till the release, so stay tuned!


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