We’re getting there!

Playtests taking place!

The first big sprint was completed last week and the guys have been able to add a ton of functionality to the build! We’ve made tweaking values for combat more flexible, allowing Stefan and Timen to…

It’s alive!

Wow, you’re still around? I think we owe you an apology by now … *hangs head in shame sorry guys … We’ve blogged before about the difficulties of developing a completely new game while running a…

Progress report #2

Grutte Pier and Rintsje

Most of you are probably curious about the progress we’ve made on Cross of the Dutchman in the last couple of weeks. We have been quite busy, actually three of our employees resided abroad last week….

Progress report!

working on the CotD teaser

Most of you are getting used to the frequent CotD upgrades, but are probably curious about the progress we’re making. Time to update you on the matter! In earlier articles, we mentioned that we’re using SCRUM…