Great Pier on Need op Freed

Last Friday Cross of the Dutchman was featured on live television in the Frysian talkshow Need op Freed. Remco and Gerard took the latest demo build and went to the studios in Leeuwarden and talked about throwing dead bodies, motion capturing and bringing a local story to the rest of the world.

Cross of the Dutchman action starts at 16:45



4 Comments on “Great Pier on Need op Freed

  1.  by  ironfangz

    I SAW IT! I was looking at The Voice of Holland. When I was switching channels, I switched to Omrop Fryslan and I watched a little part of Need op Freed. Then I saw Remco behind a desk and I thought: “I HAVE TO WATCH THIS!”. Well, I actually thought: “IK MAT DIT SJEN!”. Then I watched it with the whole family, I explained everything to my parents. They were very curious of what will become of the final product.

  2.  by  Remco

    Awesome! Actually I think there was a re-run of the item every hour or so during that night :-)

  3.  by  USSGreatePier

    Just got ’round to checking this video out, been busy… Looks like real good promotion! Especially if Sinterklaas endorses it, hehe!

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