Moving to a new office

You’ve probably noticed that last week was quite a slow week for new articles and community activity. Not to worry, we’re still hard at work developing CotD! Development continues to be right on schedule and also our search for 3D artists / animators continues. We’ve received a lot of responses so far, which is great. So I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to announce a new team member pretty soon :).

Besides that, Remco and I are the main article writers. We’re quite busy with non Cross of the Dutchman related activities. Remco was in the US and I was busy arranging things for our new office. We’ve just moved in today, so a lot of logistical and facility services needed to be arranged. This is the main reason why we didn’t have a lot of time writing articles for the website. But everything is back to “normal” so we can promise we’ll do better this week!

our new office

Tim and Stefan at the new office :)

Another thing we noticed is that the community has been slowing down a bit over the past two weeks. We think that the main cause can be related to the fact that it was autumn holiday here in the Netherlands. Most of our active users come from this area so, they might have been enjoying their holiday somewhere not behind a PC. So what did you guys do last week?

8 Comments on “Moving to a new office

  1.  by  Imco

    Who’s the little guy behind him that tries to grab Tim’s behind?

  2.  by  Wilds

    Where is the new office located? Been busy programming in the autumn holiday and playing ratchet and clank

  3.  by  Remco

    We’re still in Leeuwarden, but we’re currently located in Camminghaburen.

  4.  by  Timen

    Yeah, we finally have our own parking spaces :). No more 2 hour max blue zone parking.

  5.  by  Olafski

    @Imco: That’s Ron, from: Heron Steam Machine :)

    New office looks good guys :)

  6.  by  USSGreatePier

    Grats on the new location folks :) I’ve been busy DIY’ing around the house mainly… Not that I had any form of holiday this week :/ lol

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