First draft novel ready

Pre-Order the Novel

Today we have some great news for the people who pre-ordered the upcoming Cross of the Dutchman Novel . We’ve received word of our writer Ate Grypstra that he finished writing the book! That means that…

Cross of the Dutchman teaser trailer revealed

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Triangle Studios is proud to reveal the teaser trailer for their upcoming action-adventure game: Cross of the Dutchman. The trailer will find its way across the internets as of today, let’s see where this brings us….

Leaver dea as slaef

Leaver dea as slaef

Everyone is familiar with famous sayings or phrases. They can have a famous source, but just as often they have no source at all. Some have been told for ages and were passed down from generation to generation while others…

Naval battles in CotD

Grutte Pier overlooking the sea

Just this weekend, a topic was created about this very subject. I won’t deny that it gave me a reason to push this item to be written, but it was also something I was looking forward…

Introducing the Cast

From left to right: Rintsje, Maarten, Wyerd, Karel and Wybe

“Grutte” Pier Gerlofs Donia The main character in Cross of the Dutchman. The man who decided to take up arms for the Frisian people after a band of Saxon mercenaries burned down his beloved village Kimswerd…

Grutte Pier Donia, Savior or Pirate?

Grutte Pier

This is an article I’ve been looking forward to personally. One of the biggest issues we faced when writing the story of Pier, is how we would portray him. Would he be a savior and liberator…

Choosing the Genre

Choosing the genre

We are often asked the question “What type of game is Cross of the Dutchman going to be?” Well, to be honest, it took us some time to figure out as well, but in order to…

An epic two years in the making (and counting)


As some of you may know, we first announced the development of Cross of the Dutchman way back in November 2009. This was actually just a couple of weeks after we came up with the initial…

The Legend of Grutte Pier

The Legend of Grutte Pier

When people tell a story, they tend to give it their own ‘twist’, tell it a bit more like they imagine it, or how they wanted it to be. This keeps storytelling interesting most of the…

We’re off to a great start!

Jacob van Ruisdael - Windmill at Wijk

Welcome to! This is the official and dedicated blog of Triangle Studios’ latest game titled Cross of the Dutchman. On this brand-new website, you’ll be able to find all the information on the game, the…