Teasing…. Something

Just a small post to tease you with something Pascal has been working on. More next week, stay tuned…

Teaser trailer release in retrospect

The release of the teaser trailer has brought a lot of attention to our game Cross of the Dutchman. Since it has been more then two weeks, let’s have a look at what strategies we’ve used…

Cross of the Dutchman teaser trailer revealed

Play teaser video

Triangle Studios is proud to reveal the teaser trailer for their upcoming action-adventure game: Cross of the Dutchman. The trailer will find its way across the internets as of today, let’s see where this brings us….

Picture of the week #11

Picture of the week #11

We missed last weeks PotW, so this is actually last weeks entry. We’re working on finalizing the teaser trailer and one important factor is of course the audio. Stefan has done a great job in creating an…

Picture of the week #8

Makin' a teaser!

Another week, another picture. Pascal keeps popping up in these, so here he is again, reviewing a scene from the teaser trailer with Timen. A small bonus — a view of the Kanban board we put…

We’re working on a teaser!

Pascal working on the teaser trailer!

Most of the people following the blogs are completely up to date on the progress in CotD. You also know that we’re hard at work getting the word out about the game to the general public….