We’re working on a teaser!

Most of the people following the blogs are completely up to date on the progress in CotD. You also know that we’re hard at work getting the word out about the game to the general public. Because we need to convince people to like our game in under a minute, we’re working on a video teaser! Come to think of it, this article is probably a teaser for the teaser-trailer … sorry about that!

The teaser is definitely something to look forward to, and because you guys are used to all the in-depth information, we will make sure to keep you informed about the progress of the video as well. And guess what — this is actually the first time Stefan will be able to “show” music that will go with CotD. Some of his biggest inspirations are Wagner and John Williams. I’m curious to hear what kind of influence they will have on the score of CotD!

Pascal working on the teaser trailer!

Pascal working on the teaser trailer!

4 Comments on “We’re working on a teaser!

  1.  by  Olafski

    Can’t wait to see some of this work in action guys! :)

  2.  by  Remco

    We’ll do a series of pictures for the next Picture of the week, sounds good?

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