Picture of the week #8

Another week, another picture. Pascal keeps popping up in these, so here he is again, reviewing a scene from the teaser trailer with Timen. A small bonus — a view of the Kanban board we put together for Ronald and Pascal, who will be working on creating (a ton) of 3D assets over the next couple of weeks! We’ll finally be able to reveal the graphics of the game, hells yeah! For those wondering, Kanban is a way to illustrate where the workload lies in a process. In this case, it goes sequential from Pending to Modelling, Unwrapping and Texturing. Another Kanban will be created for Rigging and Animating, but not all tickets will undergo that process :-)

Makin' a teaser!

Makin' a teaser!

A long way to go ...

A long way to go ...

8 Comments on “Picture of the week #8

  1.  by  HappyHeinrich

    Trailer is gonna rock!
    When can we expect to see it?

  2.  by  Remco

    Hey Heinrich! All the scenes have been finished, so Timen is putting together all the shots and animating the objects. Next stop is creating the music and it will be released shortly after :)

  3.  by  Remco

    Oh, it’s a lot of work to put something like this together … so let’s hope we get a lot of response because of it :)

  4.  by  HappyHeinrich

    I think you’ll get plenty of response if the end-result is cool enough. Add an epic score and a nice voice-over and you get your audience all pumped up and excited for the game. A bit of a 300 Spartans like idea… xD

  5.  by  Remco

    Voice over is something we’re not sure about yet. It’s likely that the music and graphics will take center stage on this one ;)

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