Designing the Villages #5

In the previous articles in this series you’ve read how we created the villages from concept art to actual 3D models. In this post we’ll explain how we’re giving them color. Since we’ll have multiple buildings of the same style and structure. It seemed wise to use a system in which we can share the textures across multiple buildings in stead of creating a unique texture for each building. This solution saves time, reduces the total texture size and it has less impact on the performance, which is import to keep the game running at a steady and fluent frame rate.

texture examples

texture examples

Textures are unique images that are applied (mapped) to the surface of a shape or polygon in the game. Usually everything you see in a 3D game has a texture. Above you see some examples of textures we use in CotD, below you can see them applied to the butchery and carpenter model.

butcher textured

renders of the Butchery building, wireframe, shaded and textured

carpenter textured

carpenter building, wireframe, shaded and textured

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