Designing the Villages #3

We’re back with more pictures of assets! The textures are coming along pretty nicely as well, but we’ll keep those for another time. For now, let’s take a look at how the cities in CotD are taking shape. The following buildings are specific buildings that you’ll see return in most of the cities. The blacksmith, bakery, butchery et cetera. The sides of the buildings are quite straight because most of the time these buildings were packed together along the waterways that ran through the cities. All visual elements are interchangeable to allow us to create buildings that are different in each village, using the same assets.

Update: Ronald prepared a better picture showing the Wireframe of the Butchery in comparison to a render with a skylight. Looks great!

Butchery Render

Renders of the Butchery building, shaded and with visible wireframe.

Second render, of the Carpenters' building

Second render, of the Carpenters' building

5 Comments on “Designing the Villages #3

  1.  by  issam

    Great job on the building models. It looks like somebody really lives there! Very nice

  2.  by  spazzacamino

    will there be any side stuff to do like using the pulley on the carpenterhouse or obtaining meat for a butcher (Slaying some chickens)

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