Weather conditions in CotD

We did a lot of research in order to make our game look like it is really set in medieval Friesland. We already demonstrated lot of elements featuring these characteristics like buildings, characters, ships, landscapes, etc. One thing we haven’t talked about so far is the weather, which has a significant influence on the environment. A climate dictates which type of clothing people wear, what style of houses they build, how people live in generally.

Friesland has a tempered maritime climate because it is located near the North Sea. This climate occurs in most of the coastal areas in western Europe. The gulf stream flowing through the North Sea and a polar front tend to a changeable, often overcast weather. Resulting in cool summers and milder winters, because of rain and cloud cover.

We wanted the climate to be portrayed in the game as well, so a number of designs were made to show how each environment can change just by altering the weather conditions. At this stage, it is unlikely that the weather conditions will change in real-time, but because we have a wide variety of different environments, we won’t run out of opportunities to show each of the conditions throughout the game.

Weather conditions

Weather conditions

5 Comments on “Weather conditions in CotD

  1.  by  chi

    Wow very cool weather effects, just by looking at it changes the whole look and feel of the game :)

  2.  by  Remco

    Thanks Chi! Next step is re-creating this using the technology :-)

  3.  by  Wilds

    It really has its own feel and that’s and awesome selling point!!!
    Cant’t wait to see ingame screenshots

  4.  by  Zjiht

    Wow, this looks amazing! Can’t wait too to see the actual result :)

  5.  by  HappyHeinrich

    Are these actual screenshots? If they are, I’m totally digging the style here!

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