New screenshots (kickstarter: 7days left)

Yesterday we’ve finally released the official gameplay traler, and we can safely say that responses so far have been very positive! The other thing is, we don’t see much of that enthusiasm convert to new backers just yet … If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out on the project home page or in the previous update. You can also download the high quality quicktime version directly from the CotD blog.

As for attention of the press, a very nice article was launched by the good folks over at Indie Games Channel. Check out the entire interview over at their site.

As a final bonus, we’ve got some great new screenshots. Check out the Environmental design of Bolsward in the series below! Bolsward is one of the first smaller cities in Cross of the Dutchman, and features a small harbor as well as a town square and a blacksmith. Like the other environments, the city is modeled after maps that we were able to find from that time. Bolsward is actually the hometown of one of the main characters in the game, so you will be visiting it often during your quests.

Alpha build screenshot 6

Alpha build screenshot 6

Alpha build screenshot 6

Alpha build screenshot 7

Alpha build screenshot 6

Alpha build screenshot 8

Alpha build screenshot 6

Alpha build screenshot 9

Alpha build screenshot 6

Alpha build screenshot 10

4 Comments on “New screenshots (kickstarter: 7days left)

  1.  by  USSGreatePier

    Speaking of blacksmiths and other shops… Will you be able to buy stuff in those shops or from merchants you may meet? Or do you have/find everything you need along the way?

    Oh, and don’t forget to build in some easter eggs ;) hehe

  2.  by  Knotsie

    Wow, that looks so much better than the first gifs you presented us at the start of the kickstarter campaign! :)
    I really like the town, in the 3rd screenshot it almost looks like a western town, very cool :P
    I also like the water a lot in the last screenshot, it looks very natural.
    Hope this will give more backers

  3.  by  spazzacamino

    This is so great, the grass looks epic and that water effects are great, But i dont see Fryslân except for the Pompeblêd’n … no Tuorrebout’n??

    This looks 98% Amazing
    2% Duck’s and cow’s? – Ah you will have them i am sure.
    Villagers? – Same as above the are just not imported in the pic!!
    Fishes? – Ay im not sure ? maybe/maybe not!
    Collectable’s? – Story related maybe but no Collection for a Special Item sortathingy!
    Frogs? – Dont think so!
    Swiming? – Ay eeuhm no but it would be great!!!
    Sidequests about other myths? – No i dont think so!! (Love doeing stuff and quests About

  4.  by  spazzacamino

    Headless Horserider
    Robin sorta hood
    Bear Monsters
    Lady of a Lake

    You catch my drift

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