Picture of the week #12

Model of Grutte Pier

Model of Grutte Pier

This weeks picture of week features the untextured 3D model of our protagonist Grutte Pier and his sword. Because Pier is the main subject, we awarded him with more polygons then the rest of the characters in order to get in as many details in as possible. Pier’s character will evolve during his quest, as many will know he starts as a farmer and ends as a warlord. The character above is definitly one of his later iterations.

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  1.  by  USSGreatePier

    Textured version in the ambassador’s section? Yes? :D

    Anyway, looks great (despite the fact he looks like he’s hugging a tree)…. With this amount of polygons the textured version will look pretty good I think :) When playing in 3rd person, the played character should indeed be detailed and look good in general… It’ll fill a decent part of the screen during most of the game, I imagine.

  2.  by  Remco

    The camera will be not quite like a 3rd person perspective, I think you’ll be watching Pier mostly from about 7 – 10 meters away, meaning that the amount of detail in the model will be more than sufficient for the game :-)

  3.  by  bpfh

    Is it me or is one of his legs bigger than the other?

    in any case, if you are that far away, you do not need ultra high detail anyway. Can’t wait to see what the end product looks like. Sign me up for a copy ;)

  4.  by  dmbest

    There’s the star of the show! I can picture this game looking like a historically accurate Zelda-style game. Is the camera going to be more from behind or more from above in the final game?

  5.  by  Remco

    @bpfh, the legs are exactly the same, we’ll reveal a textured version pretty soon :)

    @dmbest, definitely more above the player, his posture really helps you tell Pier from the other characters, which is kind of important of course!

  6.  by  Hengeiokay

    7-10 metters away is a very good perspective…. a hero forged in anger, a historical appeal, what can we really wait from the Frisian stallion, blood and savage in search of pure revenge or an heroic crusade in search of freedom?

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