November review

It’s our third month since the launch of this website, let’s see if we can surpass the first two months. Time to review and see how we’ve done in November! Let’s start with some statistics. We’ve had 1823 visitors (-23%) and 939 unique visitors (-20%) generating about 8996 page views (-29%). We relate the slight drop in (unique) visitors and page views to the slowed down article update frequency (we’ve been very busy). On average, a visitor spends about 4.40 minutes (-22%) on the site. Slightly drop from last month but still high if you compare it to average website visiting times. Over 55% (+10%) of the traffic originates from referring websites, there’s a little shift in this month largest contributors. Wikipedia managed to push Twitter out of the top 3, making the new order Facebook, Wikipedia and triangle-studios.com22% (-12%) of the search traffic came again mainly from Google. Top keywords being ‘Cross of the Dutchman’ and ‘CotD designing a hero’, ‘Pier Gerlofs Donia’ dropped to the fourth spot. Direct traffic accounted for 16% (-23%). Campaign traffic generated by our newsletter grew this month to 7% (+75%). 

Novembers site statistics

Novembers site statistics

The chart above shows our site statistics for the month November. When we take a closer look, a few things stand out. We had one peak, which we can directly relate to revealing the first 3D art. Average daily traffic decreased slightly to 60 visits (-20%) a day. In short, we had an average start this month with a peak of 114 visits. We pushes back several promotions so let’s hope for a record next month.

The Cross of the Dutchman community grew to 529 posts29 topics47 members and 65 Facebook fans. As said above we push back several plans to stimulate the community growth, but we’ll definitely reveal them this month. The article that drew the most readers this month was ‘Converting concept art to 3D art‘, where ‘Picture of the week #7‘ was a good second, #8 and #9 got the most comments.

We will post updates on statistics on a monthly basis. Just leave a comment in case you have suggestions for other stats you might be interested in.

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  1.  by  HappyHeinrich

    I think your biggest peak is yet to come, right when you guys release that epic trailer of yours!

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