Picture of the week #7

our new office

Pascal and Willem working on new designs

It has been a little over a week since we moved to our new office, time for some more pictures as requested by Wilds. The guys are already settled in and they have decorated their desk with their personal items. What we didn’t mention is that these are temporary workplaces. We are working in the front of our new office as we are planning to renovate the rear section of the building (which is huge). When that’s finished, we’ll move there and then we’ll give the entrance of the building the same treatment. In the end, we will be creating our ultimate dream office  :)

Erik's desk in our new office

While Remco and Johan have a chat, Erik is thinking out a new parser

our new office

Stefan and Tim enjoying there new workspace

Stefan jumping down the stairs

Stefan jumping down the stairs

Izet, Pieter and Imco

Izet, Pieter and Imco. Notice the reinforced window in case they try to escape

Frank and Jildert

Frank and Jildert are also writing parsers

Desks of Remco and Timen

Desks of Remco and Timen, working hard as usual

Our four interns

Our four coffee serving assistants ;)

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  1.  by  Wilds

    Awesome office! Now I can see where I will be working in the future! ;)
    Coffee serving is an important job! Classified go!

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