Converting concept art to 3D art

It’s been almost two weeks now since Ronald -our 3D artist- started working here at Triangle. We didn’t give him much time to adapt to his new work area. Well, we gave him a few days to get used to the XSI in stead of his beloved 3D Max workflow. We decided that we would first start with a small village, which we also could use to test the different gameplay parts. Once we finish this village it will become the playground for the programmers to try out and optimize the graphical style and weather system.

Inn model

left concept art, right 3D model of the village inn

Our goal is to let the final game run at a steady 60fps. In order to reach that goal we need to keep this fact in mind with all things we develop. We aim to create the 3D models as efficient as possible without losing detail. As you can see in the example above a lot of detail is left out and will be done with textures. We’ll make a follow up post around this subject once the model is completely finished and textured.

5 Comments on “Converting concept art to 3D art

  1.  by  USSGreatePier

    Nicey! :D

    Hope you like the new job so far, Ronald :) It’s sure a big task to produce this game and make the crowd happy… Or else we’ll pick up pitch forks and torches and… oh wait, this may not be the right time or place for this <_<

    Anyway :D Good going on the artwork so far… Time for me to check out the additional stuff at the Ambassadors forum :)

  2.  by  Ronald

    Thanks, the pitch forks and torches are quite the motivator

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