What’s your name?

When were you born?

What do you do at Triangle Studios?
I’m working mostly on 3D assets and environments. Sometimes I help out with textures if needed.

What education did you have?
Utrecht School of the Arts(HKU)

How do you live?
I live on my own reaaal close to the studio, which is great!

Why are you working in the gamesindustry?
Ever since creating my own levels for several first person shooters I knew there was only one job for me.

What are your favorite games?
From long, long ago, Unreal Tournament to Arhkam City, WoW, Fifa…and way too many to write down.

If you could play one game again for the first time, what game would it be?
Quake 2, that game opened my eyes when I was a kid.

Best gaming platform ever?
PC. Hands down.

Best movies ever?
Snatch, Terminator2, Star Wars (IV,V,VI)

Favorite music?
Rock, Rap, Metal, whatever I feel likeand keeps me energized during work.

Any other hobbies?
Soccer, movies, hanging out with friends and ofcourse some 3D / art projects I keep busy with at home.

Other important things people need to know about you?
I don’t like fish.

Why Cross of the Dutchman?
It was the project that interested me the most and was one of the reasons I send a job application to Triangle Studios.

You’re walking through the forest when a magical fairy appears in front of you. She grants you the superpower of your choosing. What shall it be?

Something to add? Say hello to your readers?
I really hope you all enjoy CotD. We have really given it our all to make it look awesome.