What’s your name?
Pascal Brander

When were you born?

What do you do at Triangle Studios?
Art-Director/Concept-artist/Texture artist. Which kinda means I’m responsible for all of the in-game visuals of most the products we deliver. I design and sketch out everything from props and characters to the whole concept and atmosphere. I also somewhat oversee the 3D proces. When that’s finished I usually do all of the texture work on the 3D models.

What education did you have?
MBO Multimedia design at CIBAP in Zwolle and after that I studied Illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. But most of my work is self taught.

Why are you working in the gamesindustry?
When I was just a wee little boy I used to marvel at all of the artwork on the cover and inside the booklets of all the games I played. It always looked so much cooler and better than the actual game art offcourse. I loved seeing all of the thought that went into all of the props, pick-ups and characters, allthough the ingame sprites had much less details. So I always wanted to be that guy, the guy that designed those things. Offcourse over the years things changed and so did my interests and influences but when the time came to my intern, I got the chance to work at a game company and… the rest is history!

What are your favorite games?
Half-Life 1/2, Singularity, Fable 1, Journey, jet Set Readio Future, Sonic 2, Sonic Generations, Asura’s Wrath, Street Fighter Alpha max 3.

What’s the worst game you ever played?
Dead Rising 2

If you could play one game again for the first time, what game would it be?
Jet set Radio Future

Best gaming platform ever?
All of them?

Best movies ever?
Ong-Bak, Bin Jip, Memories of Murder, The Host, Tom-yum Goong, Old Boy

Favorite music?
Death Grips, Danny Brown, Daughters, number twelve looks like you, Shabazz Palaces, Speak!

Any other hobbies?
Drawing, drawing and drawing… and sometimes some painting!

Other important things people need to know about you?

Why Cross of the Dutchman?
The main reason why I moved to Friesland and Triangle. It seemed like a really exciting and fun project to work on.

You’re walking through the forest when a magical fairy appears in front of you. She grants you the superpower of

your choosing. What shall it be?
Freeze time. That would be really helpfull…

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