March review

With the ending of March, we can increase our monthly site statistics review series with one. March has been a slow month for our site. We see the lack of updates as the main cause, but…

Creating a character

Creating an adventure game like Cross of the Dutchman involves the creation of many different characters. In previous articles, we’ve demonstrated how the creation process takes place, however this article takes a more detailed view at…

Creating terrain textures #2

A long overdue update on the topic of the terrain textures. As we are building the towns and cities we need for CotD, we noticed that our terrain textures were too repetitive for our liking. We…

Picture of the week #16

Last week we talked about building villages and texturing characters. So it probably won’t come as a surprise that the subject of this PotW is along the same lines. Ronald is modeling enemy characters based on artwork. Gerard…

Designing the villages #6


We’ve previously mentioned that we’re doing a lot of research on how people lived in and around the era of Grutte Pier. Same goes for the buildings, surrounds, details and maps of the villages and cities….

Picture of the week #15

Pascal working on character textures

A quick update before we hit the weekend. Since we’ve started working on the in-game villages, we might as well show you the potential villagers that will walk around in those areas. In this Picture of the…

February review

January was a big success visitor wise due to the fact that we revealed the teaser trailer, which of course caused lots of traffic. Since it’s been more then a month the February visitors statistics are back to normal….

CotD Fanart #1

It looks like we have some creative people following the development of CotD. In this case, Steven de Rooij made a cool contribution by sending his Pier fan art based on the concepts drawn by Pascal….

Picture of the week #14

PotW #14

Picture of the week #14, it’s been a while since the last PotW but we’ll promise to regular update this series again. In the image above you can see our new intern Gerard setting up a village based…

Corporal punishment and death penalties

Death penalties

Our game is set around the end of the 15th and beginning of the 16th century. Our hero Pier Gerlofs Donia himself lived approximately from 1480 to 1520. One thing we know for certain is that life…