CotD Book and Demo for 1895 students!

Yep – that’s right. We’re finally ready to share our project with the outside world! Back in September, we’ve once again picked up work on Cross of the Dutchman and this time we were determined to get it done. This means that in 2015 (coincidentally 500 years after our hero picked up his legendary sword …) we will finally release this awesome game and allow the entire world to experience part of Frisian history!

So starting today, no less than 1895 students from Frisian high schools and universities will participate in the “Lês no” campaign by Afuk and Cedin. All students will receive our novel “Grutte Pier – It krús fan de Hollanner” as part of a special educational package intended to encourage students to read. In addition to that, students will be able to register and receive an exclusive demo of Cross of the Dutchman that will contain the first three missions of the game. And to make it even more exclusive, the demo will be entirely Frisian! (don’t worry, the full game will be in English)

For Triangle Studios, this is the first step to get the game ready for release. We will use input that we gather from the players to make changes to the game where needed, and make sure that the experience is the best it can be when we release the game to the public.

And of course for those of you who have been following us throughout the years, we invite you too to play the demo and give us your feedback. If you want to participate, post a message on the forum or facebook page, and we will get in touch with you.

Oh — And to keep you entertained for just a bit longer, please enjoy  this awesome high-res (click it!) screenshot.

Screenshot from Cross of the Dutchman

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