Like music to my ears

Another week, another update! The team is doing a great job and we are just about to finish development on all of the functionality in the game. All that remains after that is the endless process of tweaking and making sure the game is a blast from start to finish. At the moment, a lot of things are coming together, which unfortunately means that in comparison to the previous update, there is not a lot that I can show you at this time.

What I can do however, is share with you some of the music that Stefan has been working on. In particular, the main menu theme that you will hear when starting the game. I wanted to ask Stefan to give some details on the creation process of this piece, but since there is much more for him to do, we’ll just have to wait a bit longer until he has some free time on his hands.

Birth of a Legend (by Stefan Kuizenga)

Well alright, perhaps there is something I can share. We have a new logo! And a new title screen!

CotD Main Menu

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