It’s alive!

Wow, you’re still around? I think we owe you an apology by now …

*hangs head in shame

sorry guys …

We’ve blogged before about the difficulties of developing a completely new game while running a company and maintaining a 15+ person staff at the same time. However, this has taken much longer than we would have ever thought, and frankly the delivery of this monster has been long over due. Were we too ambitious? Probably. Were the risks too high? Maybe. Did we pour endless amounts of money in this monstrous project? Most definitely. But we are confident that times have changed. We’re up for the challenge, and more importanly, we can already see the finish line.

So, what have we been up to? Well, since December of 2013, we’ve been working on a little game called Robot Dance Party (I encourage you all to check it out on, it is free for your phone, tablet or phablet, whatever your preference is). This has been our main occupation until, well just a couple of weeks ago actually. We’ve had tons of fun developing this game, but we knew that as soon as we would finish the project, we would immediately switch priorities to Cross of the Dutchman. And we have.

This time, however, we want to make sure we can finish the job. This means that everybody at Triangle Studios, is currently working on the game. We’re making awesome progress, and we finally feel confident (and comfortable) enough to start sharing this progress with you guys.

Because I don’t want to tease you too much, here’s a list of things that have already been done, and rest assured. There is much more to come!

  • Completely new mouse controls (sooo goood!)
  • Improved gamepad controls.
  • Completely new movement and combat animations for Grutte Pier.
  • New (more detailed) textures for a lot of characters.
  • Re-designed buildings and a lot of new textures.
  • Completely new environmental effects (the clouds look awesome).
  • A lot of technical stuff that helps us do more in less time.
  • New people helping out on the project (Note that Wilds, one of the guys who has been keeping track on the project for a long time, is now a developer on the team!).

The guys are preparing a huge sprint where a lot of new functionalty will be put into the game. We’re getting closer to completion with every step we take. I hope you’ll be with us till the end!

Developers getting ready for the job.

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