New combat footage!

Grutte Pier versus soldiers

Pier fends off some pesky soldiers

How cool is this?! I bet you can see yourselves fighting a way through Frisia already. You can identify two attacks here. The normal (less damage) attack and the heavy (mucho damage) attack. Which of course will have a cool down/recharge time, in order to balance gameplay. And to prevent you from constantly using this attack. Yeah, we know how you guys would keep spamming it otherwise ;)

4 Comments on “New combat footage!

  1.  by  Remco

    We tried it with 50+ enemies at once. It was raining bodies for a minute straight.

  2.  by  USSGreatePier

    lol :P

    Oh, and I love the other people up in the right corner just ignoring the insane bloodshed, haha… Must be a daily thing with Pier around…

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