Kimswerd work in progress

Time to lift the veil on some brand-new environments for Cross of the Dutchman. The new approach to designing the maps is really paying off. Pascal and Ronald can focus very specifically on what they want the player to see, and not have to worry about it looking good from all other possible angles at the same time. It speeds up the process for us, but it also vastly improves the result at the same time.

The screenshots below are made from the development build, and are definitely a work in progress (yet juicy enough to share with you). Hope you like what you see!

Kimswerd - Town square

Kimswerd – Town square

Kimswerd - At the (fish) market

Kimswerd – At the (fish) market

Kimswerd - Follow the river

Kimswerd – Follow the river

Kimswerd - Entering the village

Kimswerd – Entering the village

Kimswerd - Thieves be warned ...

Kimswerd – Thieves be warned …

Kimswerd - The church on the dwell

Kimswerd – The church on the dwell

3 Comments on “Kimswerd work in progress

  1.  by  ironfangz

    @USSGreatePier Haha indeed!

    Woah! Amazing work guys. I love it. I love the comic style you’ve put in.
    One small minor thing is that I dont like the leaves on the trees. They are way too big comparising to the surrounding area. You can see what I mean on the third and the fifth image. On the third image you can see the overwhelming huge leaves of the bush in the top left corner. These leaves are way to big. I bet you can make those leaves higher detailed than the tall grass next of the river. In the fifth image I see a tree beneath Pier. The tree has an enormous leaf crossing on top of the tree. I think that it would be better that you make those flora more realistic but still in a comic way.

    I think that that was the only thing I don’t like.
    I can’t say much about the fences, corpses, barrels, hay, crates and buildings. I think they look perfect. They look the same way as I would imagine it all those little things are THE details that makes a game look realistic. Games like the Elder Scrolls and Far Cry have a huge amount of little aspects and high detailed textures which makes the game come alive. Triangle Studios has done these small details in a similar way. You guys have done a fantastic job.

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