Welcome, Steven!



Hi to all the readers of this blog! A couple of weeks ago Bram’s marketing internship at Triangle Studios ended. But there’s no reason to stay sad because I’m the new guy to fill the gap! My name is Steven, the new intern who will keep you informed about everything concerning Cross of the Dutchman and other projects at Triangle Studios.

I am just as enthusiastic as you are about Cross of the Dutchman, so please feel free to take part in discussions, ask questions at the forum or in the comments below. If you wish to know a bit more about me quickly rush to my profile in the ‘Meet the Developers’ section.

3 Comments on “Welcome, Steven!

  1.  by  ironfangz

    You look like a cool guy! Maybe like as cool as Bram! Im sure you can do a nice job!

  2.  by  USSGreatePier

    @ironfangz: You know he’s cool because he’s wearing black… ^^,

    Looking forward to your articles and discussions, Steven :)

  3.  by  steven

    Cheers guys! I just hope I can be just as cool as your profile pictures :’)

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