Another piece of fan art!

Looks like Pascals concept art keeps inspiring people. From Johan Mulder comes this great pencil drawing of Great Pier, ready for the fight with sword and flag in hand!

Johan said that we’ll try to hone his skills by making more Great Pier drawings, so we may even see more of him in the future!

Have made a fan art of your own? Why not send it in? We’re always happy to show it to our fans and link them to your blog or website.

6 Comments on “Another piece of fan art!

  1.  by  ironfangz

    Tige dank USS!
    Didn’t know that I would make more fan-art. Doesn’t matter. When I got time I will make more fan-art. Something that has more effort in it. XD

  2.  by  Bram

    Every drawing of Pier is fanart of course ;)
    Remember saying this?
    “The very first drawings I shall make are drawings of Pier, because he’s kinda cool and not that very hard to draw”
    That’s where I took it from :P

  3.  by  ironfangz

    Oooh yes now I remember!

    Plan has changed, My father doesn’t think it is necessary to buy a drawing tablet. He has an Ipad. He thinks that when I buy a styluspen and an drawing app, it would be the same as with a drawingtablet. *~*

    I don’t think so, but we’ll see. He will pay the pen so I can always give it a shot.

  4.  by  mark

    An iPad to draw on?
    Mmm, those drawing apps on iPad are pretty expensive and do not get a lot of positive feedback, a friend of myns tried it but switched to a drawing tablet since the apps tend to crash a lot.

  5.  by  mrBrander

    I wish it worked that way. I would’ve bought an Ipad immediatly if it did. But no. U do not have any pen pressure or whatsoever, which is kinda important if u want to have the actual feeling of drawing. People can make amazing stuff on an Ipad, but that’s only because they can make amazing stuff on something else aswell.

    The Galaxy Note II though, has a pressure sensitive screen, it isnt perfect, but at least it kinda works. :)

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