Pascal doing sketches and a contest

Last Saturday was the official release date for our book! People in the north of the Netherlands might have seen our advertisement in the newspapers, but for those who didn’t, here it is:

We didn’t only have the article, we are running a text message context as well at the moment in which you can not only win the book, but also get an original sketch by Pascal along with it!

If you live in the Netherlands you can still enter to win one of the ten books signed by Ate Grypstra, including one of the sketches you see Pascal working on here! Here’s what to do:

Answer the following question: What was Great Piers place of residence? Text message the word ACTIE [space] and the answer to 2255 (€0,60 per message). The competition closes tomorrow (November 21) so be fast!


3 Comments on “Pascal doing sketches and a contest

  1.  by  mark

    Great contest guys, I’ll take part of it even though I cant read Frisian.
    Would be great to give it to my dad, he’s recovering from an injury so he got time to kill :P

  2.  by  USSGreatePier

    I hope the newspaper publication will draw tons of people to the site, hehe :) And good luck to all who enter the contest!

    Oh, and regarding the photo above, it seems like Pascal is doing back breaking work, hehe :)

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