Free CotD merchandise!

You’ve probably seen some hints on our Twitter and Facebook for this, but finally here’s the official announcement: Cross of the Dutchman merchandise! For free!

What started as a small ‘just-for-fun’-project by Pascal, our art director, quickly turned into something so great that we decided to share it with you guys. He created a paper model of  Great Pier, of course including his famous sword.

Some assembly required, but we are very eager to see with what great poses you guys can come up with. So don’t forget to share your own Great PaperPier with us!

Can’t wait to begin? Head to our media page now!

6 Comments on “Free CotD merchandise!

  1.  by  ironfangz

    Really nice! With this I can make a Minecraft skin!

  2.  by  Bram

    Major suckage in papercrafting isn’t a valid excuse for this model Trinest! Even I managed to make one and we even used that for the pictures :P

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