Character Profile: the Officer

Let’s take a look at another character that you can encounter in the game. Meet the Officer, a man who made his career out of fighting in wars. This means he has had real proper training as warrior, as opposed to most regular soldiers who are just in it for some fast money. He’s not only strong, big  and highly skilled in sword fighting, he is also quite smart. If he spots Great Pier on the field of battle he’ll make killing him is absolute priority!


Officer concept art

Type: Officer

Name: None

Class: City, Country, Harbor, Black Hope

Rarity: Rare

Health: Very strong

Speed: Fast

Primary attack: Sword

Secondary attack: None

Just like the swordsman, the Officer doesn’t have any means to keep his enemies at a distance. That doesn’t matter though, because the tactics of this dangerous foe can be only described as ‘charge in and destroy’. Be sure to deal with this guy quickly or your own men will drop like flies!









Officers concept art. Country, City and Harbor

Some Officer poses


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  1.  by  spazzacamino

    Hey guys its been a while … butt im sooo bizzzzy last time testing the game was awesome and great to hear good sounds from indigo!!

    BTW the Officer on the left gave me the sweats testing the game hahah

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