Sounds of Frisia: making the music

Stefan composing

Stefan composing

Want to make your game immersive? Then good audio is key! You don’t want to let it sound like a squeaking clowns shoe of you wack a guy with your 7 feet long double-handed sword. Creating the sounds of Cross of the Dutchman is in the hands of our composer and audio designer Stefan Kuizenga. Stefan, who taught himself how to make music, studied Communication & Multimedia Design in Leeuwarden and joined Triangle Studios while he was graduating. He is not only responsible for the sound of the game, he also one of our designers. A real jack-of-all-trades, but for this article we’ll just talk about the music and sounds.


You probably already heard some of the work Stefan has done for the game. For instance, he composed the music of our first teaser trailer and later the gameplay trailer. To match the music with the vibe of the game, Stefan chooses to use bombastic elements and themes. After all, there will be quite some fighting! Most of his inspiration comes from some of the great classical composers like Richard Wagner and John Williams. Some technical info for those who like that sort of thing: Stefan uses KRK Systems Rokit 6SE Studio monitors for listening, an M-Audio Axiom 61 USB Midi controller to put his ideas inside a computer, Steinberg Cubase to put it all together and Roland RH-200S and AKG K271 Studio headphones to keep the rest of us from going insane.

No audio-article is complete without some… Audio! Today Stefan finished the first version of the menu theme of the upcoming demo. It sounds to good to keep from you, so here’s a small teaser, enjoy!

CotD menu theme impression by trianglestudiosnl

6 Comments on “Sounds of Frisia: making the music

  1.  by  spazzacamino

    Aaarg the one time i decide to take the serround speakers of of my pc you guy’s do a music blog!!!
    Lols ill hear it Friday

  2.  by  USSGreatePier

    I wish I could ‘think’ myself how to make music ;) Sorry, just being a spelling national socialist again, ha!

    Anyway, indeed Remco, extremely epic picture! :D He’s really getting into the groove! I hope the resulting intro tune is indeed just a small teaser… Else it’s like those annoying 15 second DVD menu loops… If you fall asleep during a DVD movie you wake up with the tune looping in your head for 7 hours straight! AAAHH!! Omelette du fromage!!!

    Anyway, this tune sounds promising. It reminded me of the main menu tune of Empire Earth. I bet there’s a nice build up to this little CotD intro theme. Can’t wait to hear the full version. Music is so terribly important to create an atmosphere…

  3.  by  Bram

    Woops, fixed that for ya!

    The tune you’re hearing is indeed just a small teaser. This is actually just the intro-part, but Stefan decided to cut it of just as it’s about to get bigtime epic to keep you guys excited for when the demo comes out. Like if you weren’t exited enough…

  4.  by  spazzacamino

    Speaker on !!!…….hmmmm …srry guys too short for a hard on :( i want more ..
    (ben ik nu de eerste die een negativo doet? haha)

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