The Demo Mission

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Gerard, Pascal and Ronald

Curious about what the upcoming demo is going to be all about? As we wrote earlier, it’s all about the combat system. But of course there will be a lot more to it. As a story-driven game, the Cross of the Dutchman demo will contain its fair share of dramatic events. If you aren’t yet familiar with the story of Great Pier, take a look at our About-page for a short introduction. If you want to know more, check at the Wikipedia-article about Pier Gerlofs Donia, linked at the bottom of the page (and here for your convenience).

Back to the demo. We can’t tell you too much without spoiling, so we’ll keep away from the details. What we can already tell you though is that the demo will be set almost at the start of the game, at a time when everything is going well in Piers life. Soon though, all hell breaks loose and after a short tutorial about how to gather some allies the player will be thrown right into the fight to finally take that seven foot sword into action!

We’ve chosen to focus on combat in this demo because we believe that this will appeal the most to those who have yet to discover Cross of the Dutchman. Because the legend of Great Pier is so comprehensive, focusing on the story for this demo is an impossible task. It is because of this we sometimes had to cut some corners in order to make the demo work on it’s own. But have no fear, we will make sure everything there is to know about the legend checks out in the final game. The demo is very fun to play and will really give you a nice impression about what the game is going to be like!

There’s of course a lot more to tell you, but unfortunately, that’s classified for now…

The Cross of the Dutchman demo is expected to be available this October, so keep checking back so you can experience the rest of it yourself!

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