Making movies: the cutscenes

Cutscenes are a great way to tell and progress the story. For Cross of the Dutchman, we choose to use a more uncommon style that we think fits exactly right with the game and the graphical style. While most games use pre-rendered cutscenes with the character-models acting as… actors, we take a different approach.

The cutscenes in Cross of the Dutchman will look more like flipping through a comicbook, with the camera following the pictures to tell you the story. A picture says more than a thousand words, so there won’t be anyone telling  you what you already see with your own eyes. Scenes will be accompanied by music created by Stefan Kuizenga, but the scenes are drawn by our art director Pascal Brander. First he draws the complete ‘page’. When that is done he creates the animations using  Anime Studio Pro. The music is added using Adobe Premiere Pro and then exported to a ready-to-use videoclip to integrate into the game.


Curious about how it’s going to look in motion? Just wait a little longer for the upcoming demo! We won’t give it all away right now, so you can go check it out for yourself when the demo is released!

How cutscenes are done

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    (Spazz Sitting in Chair)
    (Looking @ screen with suprise on head)
    (kicking awy from the desk(chair slides back))
    (Spazz Jumping with 2 thumbs up)

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