A glance at the HUD

Time to show you some of the progress we’re making. Here is something you’ve never seen before: the in-game Head-Up Display (HUD)! We’ve shown you some gameplay footage in the past, but that was lacking a real HUD. True, it had a basic health meter, but that was more like a band-aid solution and was never intended to be final. Now, during the demo-sprint we can present you with the latest version of the in-game HUD:

HUD Screenshot demo

What are we seeing here? Quite a lot actually. This is a mockup that contains all of the HUD-elements you can encounter. From top to bottom, left to right:

  • Location. The name of the village will fade in the screen for a few seconds at the moment you enter it.
  • Timer. Some objectives will require you to do something within a certain time-limit. To keep track of the remaining time, a clock and timer will slide in from the right side of the screen.
  • Health. Every warrior needs some! When you get hurt, the amount of damage you’ve taken will darken, and then disappear completely. Inside of the ring you see a shield, meaning your followers are in defense mode. In attack mode a sword will be shown here.
  • Conversation. People like to have a chat with you. What they’re saying will pop up from the line below. This Officer is actually singing the Frisian Anthem for some reason…

Since this is a mockup of all of the HUD-elements, the screen is quite full. Note that when playing the game it will be a lot easier on the eyes. When playing you will only see your health meter most of the time.

And what about the startmenu you ask? Well, nothing much to say about that, except that it looks awesome:

Start menu

9 Comments on “A glance at the HUD

  1.  by  GerardM

    I tried to push the “Start Game” button, but it didn’t start the game :(

  2.  by  USSGreatePier

    Don’t you just hate games with a HUD that’s obscuring a quarter of the screen?

    Triangle seems to agree… Pretty neat HUD! Very stylish and no unnecessary clutter. On a side note: I’m not too much of a fan of quests which are on a time limit, but you can’t really get around that in this sort of game, I guess :)

    The startmenu really looks brilliantly awesome! Also no clutter, just nice and simple.

    You guys and girls are really building up quite some expectations in all of us, you know? ;) And a bigh thumbs up for the constant stream of news and updates! (Go go Gadget Spam-Bram!)

  3.  by  Knotsie

    That looks very nice, especially the round health bar :)

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