Character profile: Swordsman

Time for another introduction of one of the characters you will encounter in the game. Let’s take a look at one of the most common type of soldiers: the swordsman. Make no mistake, although these guys are far from being as big as Great Pier himself, they are with many and determined to stop you.


Swordsman concept art

Swordsman concept art


Type: Swordsman

Name: None

Class: City, Country, Harbor, Black Hope

Rarity: Common

Health: Medium

Speed: Medium

Primary attack: Sword

Secondary attack: None

Note: Unlike the previous characters we’ve looked at, the swordsman has no means to keep his enemy at a (relative) distance. His only way to do some damage is to rush in and hack away. Because swordfighting is quite exhausting he’ll try to defeat his enemies as quickly as possible.

Also, since the swordsman can’t attack from a distance, why not use something to smash him with while he’s still running towards you?…



Swordsmen concept art

Swordsmen concept art. Harbor, City and Country

Swordsmen poses

Some swordsman poses.

Please note that the images above are work in progress and do not reflect in-game quality.

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  1.  by  USSGreatePier

    Look at those silly Dutchmen with their little butter scrapers! Pier and his mega-sword can lob their heads off before he can see the white of their eyes! Muwhahahaaaaa… If they’re going to be a threat, it’ll probably be in their numbers :)

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