Character profile: Archer

Cross of the Dutchman will feature a wide range of characters and most of them have never been properly introduced. Some of them already made in appearance in the gameplay footage we released during the Kickstarter campaign. Time to give them all an individual introduction, and a good moment to start a new article series. We’ll start off with the character profile of the archer.


Archer artwork


Type: Archer

Name: None

Class: City, Country, Harbor, Black Hope

Rarity: Common

Health: Medium

Speed: Quick

Primary attack: Bow and arrow

Secondary attack: Short sword

Note: The archer will try to keep his distance in battle in order to be effective with the bow and arrow. He will kneel down at ideal distance in order to increase his shooting accuracy. When an enemy comes to close, the archer will switch to a sword for close combat.










Textured enemy archers

Textured archer enemies: City, Country and Harbor

Textured archer allies class: Black Hope

Textured archer allies: Black Hope

Archer poses

Different archer poses

Please note that the images above are work in progress and do not reflect in-game quality.

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