Pre-order the official novel now!

Cross of the Dutchman novelThere was a soft-launch during the Kickstarter campaign, but today everybody is able to pre-order the official Cross of the Dutchman Novel! The legend of Pier Gerlofs Donia is re-written by Frisian author Ate Grypstra. The book will be available in Frisian, Dutch and English and is shipped directly to you, anywhere in the world. By placing a pre-order for this novel, you are not only helping us finish this awesome project, but you’re also helping us release this great new book in stores across the Netherlands and beyond!

Triangle Studios is thrilled to announce the collaboration with Afûk, experts and leading publisher for Frisian books. The collaboration between Afûk and Ate Grypstra and Triangle Studios shows how professionals in their respective fields are teaming up to expand the reach of Cross of the Dutchman, and make the story of Grutte Pier available for all people.

The novel is available at the price of €14,95. All orders will be shipped to your location on the day of the launch. Expected delivery date is September 2012.

Head over to the pre-order page and place your order now!

12 Comments on “Pre-order the official novel now!

  1.  by  Gear12

    Will the book still be available for order after launch?

  2.  by  Remco

    Yes! And because the novel is a separate product, it will be launched alongside the game.

  3.  by  Squ1zZy

    Would it be an idea to show a couple pages of the book to get an idea of how it’s written?

  4.  by  Remco

    Order received, and thanks for your donation as well :-) We will give it our very best!

  5.  by  spazzacamino

    I dont use my Card’s for private online payments!

    cant i just come and pick it up @ljouwert

  6.  by  Remco

    @Spazz, In that case it’s probably better to pick it up once it hits the stores. The Afuk store in Leeuwarden will have the book from day one as well.

    Oh, but of course you are more than welcome to stop by the office and pick it up personally :-)

  7.  by  Remco

    No exact date yet, but it’s very likely going to be either the second or third week of September.

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