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April was able to slip out, but we’ll continue the monthly site stats nevertheless. I’m sure May will make up for the loss of April. May was our Kickstarter campaign month and even though we didn’t reach our goal we were able to generate lots of traffic to our site.

We’ve had 5.905 visitors (+240%) and 3.785 unique visitors (+262%) generating about 20.064 page views (+264%). On average, a visitor spends about 3.21 minutes (+33%) on the site. Over 56% (+44%) of the traffic originates from referring websites. It didn’t come as a surprise that Kickstarter took first place, followed by Facebook and twitter32% (-18%) of the search traffic came again mainly from Google. Top keywords being ‘Not provided’ (?), ‘Cross of the Dutchman’ and ‘Cross of the Dutchman gameplay’, the strange mystery keyword is still there. Direct traffic accounted for 12% (-43%). Our newsletter wasn’t able to generate enough Campaign traffic to play a significant role in all this. 0% (-100%).

site statistics May

site statistics May

The chart above shows our site statistics for the month May. There’s a big peak at the beginning of the month which of course relates to the Kickstarter launch. Average daily traffic was 190 visits (+239%) a day. In short, May was a huge month because of the Cross of the Dutchman Kickstarter. Let’s hope some of the momentum of last month will carry over to this month. May 2nd had the top peak of 562 (+416%) daily visits.

The Cross of the Dutchman community grew to 941 posts49 topics, 114 members (Finally we reached 100+ members!), 227 Facebook fans and 495 twitter followers. Up to now we used 51,785 words to create 110 posts resulting in 369 comments. The article that drew the most readers this month was ‘Liveblog – CotD Game Jam‘, where ‘Kickstarter Report: Day 1‘ was a good second, ‘Liveblog – CotD Game Jam‘ (again) and ‘Kickstarter report: Day 13‘ got the most comments.

We will post updates on site statistics on a monthly basis. Just leave a comment in case you have suggestions for other stats you might be interested in.

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