Reddit Invasion & Livestream!

Kickstarter 6 days left

Kickstarter 6 days left

Only six days to go, but who are we to lose our spirits? The Kickstarter dream doesn’t end until we say it does! On to the topic of the day. We can announce that tomorrow, Pascal Brander will run a Livestream that shows how the CotD Poster that goes with the $250 pledge is created! You will be able to follow the stream at the following location: The stream will start approximately 9am UTC+1, and will last the entire day!

Today, we will be invading the Reddit boards, and try to get the support form the internet legion. You can help us directly by upvoting our topic, and of course by participating. We will be available live for four hours, and we will answer any question about Triangle, Cross of the Dutchman, Game development and all other things you would like to know.


So while you keep supporting us, we’ll keep giving you cool stuff! On to the media updates!
(Dutch) wrote an article on how we’re doing in Kickstarter, and even though they have every right to be sceptical about us making our goals they were one of the very first to support us, and put a tracker right on their home page!

(German) PCGames Hardware has released a nice article about Cross of the Dutchman, urging everybody to back our project in this exciting final week!

That’s it for today, remember to join us on Reddit and help our topic reach the frontpage!

4 Comments on “Reddit Invasion & Livestream!

  1.  by  Barteld

    Please add Paypal and IDeal as payment options for the kickstarter, not that many own a credit card

  2.  by  Barteld

    Sweet! you’ve got my support!

  3.  by  Timen

    Thanks Barteld! I’ve updated the amounts on the page too!

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