Official Gameplay Trailer

Cross of the Dutchman Kickstarter countdown: 8 days left

Cross of the Dutchman Kickstarter countdown: 8 days left

It. Is. Finally. Here! The official gameplay trailer for Cross of the Dutchman is ready for all of you to behold and enjoy. For the first time, we’re showing the action that lies within this great project in motion!

The video will show you how our hero, Grutte Pier, commands his soldiers into battle, and wields his enormous blade to defeat those who stand against him. Even though many aspects of the game are still work in progress, it is immediately visible how quick responses and commands are needed to turn each battle in your favor and achieve your goals.

From this day forward, we will post daily project updates, using statistics and metics to give you all the information on what is happening behind the scenes. With only 8 days (and 13 hours) to go, we need all backers to help us spread the news about Cross of the Dutchman, and I am confident that together we will be able to achieve our goals!

Also, we would like to send our regards to the people at Aterdux Entertainment, who have successfully reached their Kickstarter goal for Legend of Eisenwald! Congratulations guys, we wish you all the best!

3 Comments on “Official Gameplay Trailer

  1.  by  USSGreatePier

    Epic stuff! Great work, guys and girls… :)

    I’ll direct all my game contacts to this trailer and Kickstarter page (again)…

  2.  by  Squ1zZy

    I love the gameplay trailer guys, but hitting the enemy’s doesn’t look there getting hit. It looks like you’re hitting right through them without even hitting them. It’s also difficult to see who’s the friend or foe.

  3.  by  spazzacamino

    He is using the “Enemy Ghost” function, and this is a “Friend or Foe 4 All” Match
    Duh anybody can see that…..

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