Livestream: Pascal Brander, New Designer Pledge!

Kickstarter 5 days left

Kickstarter 5 days left

In yesterday’s update, we let you know that we will be hosting a live stream of the creation of the Kickstarter exclusive poster. As of 9:00am UTC+1, the stream will be running and throughout the day you will be able to see how our art director, Pascal Brander, turns an empty canvas into a masterpiece.

Follow the livestream at:
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Pascal doing the poster livestream

Pascal doing the poster livestream

crossofthedutchman on Broadcast Live Free

Also, yesterday we hosted a topic on Reddit to let a completely new community know about our project, we had a lot of support and we’re already seeing the first Redditers join the Kickstarter campaign, welcome guys! We will keep an eye on the topic today as well, so feel free to head over to Reddit and ask us anything!

Reddit link:

As for press, our German neighbors are giving us a lot of support! The blog wrote an article about Cross of the Dutchman, calling on all their readers to support us! (read it here in German).

New Reward: Designer Pledge
Let me ask you something, have you ever thought about being a game designer? Well, because this is an awesome project, we are now giving you the chance to design part of our game. When you choose this new Designer Pledge, you will be given the tools to design your very own Cross of the Dutchman quest.

You are able to decide everything from dialogue, enemy types, mission objectives, surroundings and much more. You will host your own topic on the Ambassador boards and at the time of the Beta you will be able to tweak your quest to perfection. Your name and quest will be mentioned in the credits as well as any contributors who helped you design your quest.

We offer this great and unique opportunity at the level of $1000 the cool thing is, you will also get all of the other pledges on top of that. Is that an awesome pledge or what?

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  1.  by  USSGreatePier

    Awesome livestream session, Pascal :) Nice to see how things like this are created… Looking forward to next Tuesday’s continuation :)

  2.  by  USSGreatePier

    Damn… Got home from work early, but it seems Pascal’s already done with the project, hehe… :) Damn great result though!

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