Kickstarter report: Day 4

kickstarter report: day 4

kickstarter report: day 4

Oh man, running a Kickstarter campaign is hard work! We’re only a couple of days underway but we’re making some very good progress towards our goal.

So far, we’ve been receiving a lot of feedback about the game, and often people were asking about the price of getting the game being higher in comparison to other projects. We got this question so often that we’ve decided yesterday to add an additional reward level at $15. This will get you a digital copy of the game on the day of the release.

In addition to this, we have increased the rewards for the $25 pledge level. Backers will now receive an additional copy of the game to give away to a friend, as well as a digital art book of the project. We hope that these changes will open up the project to a larger audience, helping us to reach our goals, and getting us closer to making this project a huge success!

The list of sites writing about our projects also grew:

We’ve got lots more in store for you, and we will keep posting regular updates to both the Kickstarter site as well as our own blog. Stay tuned!

5 Comments on “Kickstarter report: Day 4

  1.  by  Squ1zZy

    The reward step from 500 to 2500 is a big gap to if you ask me.

  2.  by  Squ1zZy

    I think they need to so something to get the full 50k. Five days has been passed and there on 10% with 25 days to go. I think that there more backers in the beginning of the project them at the end (if there not close getting there goal). I’m not sure if it has something to do with the dutch story where people aren’t familiar with or something else, but there not there yet…

  3.  by  Remco

    Squ1zZy, I can’t deny that we’re a bit nervous, we would have hoped for a bigger response. However, in the spirit of Grutte Pier, we won’t give up that easily, and you can count on us opening the offence again next week!

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