Funding Unsuccessful …

When my alarm woke me up this morning, I switched it off, and immediately checked the Kickstarter page. Who knows, it could have made a huge jump overnight. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Everybody was at the office during the final moments of the campaign, but we knew that we were not going to make our goals.

Even though the reasons for our failure are being discussed right now, I think it’s important to take our time and reflect on what we’ve done and what we were able (or failed) to achieve over the past month. Fortunately, the gloomy situation turned into productive discussion. And we come up with a plan on how we would improve ourselves, and show our project to the world again in the near future.

So in the end, we can’t help feel disappointed about not making our goals. However, we have learned that a lot of you believe in our project and that gives us the drive to continue, and make Cross of the Dutchman the best game it can be.

In case you’re left with questions, let us know and we’ll update the list below with our answers.

Q: What can I do now that Kickstarter is not successful?
A: We would love for all of you to register an account on and join the discussion about the development of the game. You can also Like our facebook page, and make sure you’re up to date on the most important bits of news.

Q: What will happen to the project?
A: We are still committed to have this project see the light of day. We will have to search for alternative ways to fund the features we have set during the Kickstarter campaign.

Q: When will we be able to see and play the game?
A: We will announce our new plans very soon. You can expect new information within the next week or so.

6 Comments on “Funding Unsuccessful …

  1.  by  Knotsie

    Q: What are the options for people who payed with paypal?

    and really too bad the project didn’t make it.. My guess is that just too little people knew about it.

  2.  by  Knotsie

    damn, where is an edit button when you need it lol.
    just wanted to add, think of it positive.
    A lot more people including me know of the game now :)

  3.  by  USSGreatePier

    @Knotsie – Indeed, more people know of the game now… And a big thumbs up for Triangle for aiming high :) It takes guts like Pier had to do that, hehe… But I’m still sure this game will be very successful. And my guess is that CotD will be providing players with the necessary updates and/or expansion packs in the future, when sales have brought some cash in the kitty…

  4.  by  Remco

    All PayPal donations have been refunded for now, but we will give the option to donate to the project soon.

  5.  by  spazzacamino

    hmmmm… too bad , until the next project i will be crying in this corner over here…

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