March review

With the ending of March, we can increase our monthly site statistics review series with one. March has been a slow month for our site. We see the lack of updates as the main cause, but we have some interesting news coming up, so stay tuned!

We’ve had 1.737 visitors (-13%) and 1.045 unique visitors (-10%) generating about 5.506 page views (-21%). On average, a visitor spends about 2.31 minutes (-12%) on the site. Over 39% (-5%) of the traffic originates from referring websites, which has the same order as last month: FacebookWikipedia, and triangle-studios.com39% (30%) of the search traffic came again mainly from Google. Top keywords being ‘Cross of the Dutchman’, ‘Not provided’ (?) and ‘Cross of the Dutchman trailer’, the strange mystery keyword is still in second place. Direct traffic accounted for 21% (-25%). Campaign traffic generated by our newsletter stayed the same this month at 1% (0%).

Analytics March

Site statistics March

The chart above shows our site statistics for the month March. When we take a closer look, nothing really stands out. The peak in the middle of the month can be tracked back to a comment on an article about THQ on Average daily traffic was 56 visits (-19%) a day. In short, March was an average month and should motivate us to improve the article update rate. March 14th had the top peak of 109 (-10%) daily visits .

The Cross of the Dutchman community grew to 714 posts38 topics, 77 members128 Facebook fans and 438 twitter followers. Up to now we used 33,800 words to create 88 posts resulting in 272 comments. The article that drew the most readers this month was ‘Designing the villages #6‘, where ‘Creating a character‘ was a good second, ‘Creating a character‘ and ‘February review‘ got the most comments.

We will post updates on statistics on a monthly basis. Just leave a comment in case you have suggestions for other stats you might be interested in.

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