Designing the villages #6

We’ve previously mentioned that we’re doing a lot of research on how people lived in and around the era of Grutte Pier. Same goes for the buildings, surrounds, details and maps of the villages and cities. Let’s talk about the village maps and what we use as a reference to create them in-game. First, we searched for old maps of Friesland, both online and offline. Apparently they didn’t bother drawing a lot of detailed maps at the time. So for some villages we had to use maps which are a little younger. We also found the atlas of Friesland to be a great resource. As it contains a lot of historical maps and information.

stavorenHistorical map of Stavoren

Our work method is as follows. Above you see a map of Stavoren (Notice they didn’t take the north into account). We chose to not copy the maps and buildings 1:1, we only use the basic layout as a reference to draw our own map. See an example of Grutte Pier birthplace Kimswerd below. In which we drew our own buildings, in order to keep the villages compact and clear.


Our own concept map of Kimswerd

We then use that as our final reference in order to create the final in-game village. Below you can see a top-down Unity view of Kimswerd, created with the 3D assets which were mentioned in earlier posts. A lot of work needs to be done on the terrains, as the water is still missing for example. Check Kimswerd on Google Maps to see if you can see the similarities.


Top-down Unity view of Kimswerd

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One Comment on “Designing the villages #6

  1.  by  USSGreatePier

    I think I found the area you wanted to ‘copy’… The large building on the map above seems to correspond to the large building on the Google Map on the intersection of the Greate Pierwei and the Jan Timmerstraat.

    I guess you’re leaving the more modern looking part of modern day Kimswerd out of the picture as it probably wasn’t there back in the day, but I haven’t studied old maps of Kimswerd as you definitely did :)

    The large building in the image seems to be the Saint Laurentius church which dates from the 11th century, so Pier would definitely have seen it. The tower was increased in height in 1516, so depending on which time frame the game plays in, we might even see the church in scaffolding, haha :) Even the the bell in the sniper/camping tower (oops!) still dates from this time, so we might even hear the same bell Pier did centuries ago.

    Good to know you folks are working out such details in the maps; having all the major buildings included which were already around in Pier’s time. Seeing this map really makes me want to play the game already, hahaha… I’ll probably play out the game in a matter of days and after that I’ll free roam all across the game map to check out all the little details in the villages :) Brilliant work, guys and girls!

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