Picture of the week #14

PotW #14

Creating villages

Picture of the week #14, it’s been a while since the last PotW but we’ll promise to regular update this series again. In the image above you can see our new intern Gerard setting up a village based on old maps. He did a 2 week internship earlier this year, but insisted to do a full period afterwards. We liked his work so we gave him the chance, he will probabely pop up more often in future PotW articles.

6 Comments on “Picture of the week #14

  1.  by  spazzacamino

    Gerardus fan Fryslân Thay name will be remembered (pronounced with the rolling R’s like its used by S. Connery)
    The Pic looks right, using highground and roads from verious directions strait up.
    This way there will be almost parrallel streets.

    Can we get some pics from the graveyards serounding the churches??

  2.  by  spazzacamino

    Its not Kimswerd, Achlum or Arum …
    I Think its Pingjum, or some other village but rearanged

    (ps. whats that book on the tepel.. euh table..!?)

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