The Voice of Pier #5 (Updated)

It’s been a while since we’ve updated this topic, but since a small announcement by one of the ladies in the Triangle administration on Q Music, we were receiving emails from a new wave of potential voice actors who were interested in joining the competition. We were able to accomodate two of these gentlemen in our own office, where we recorded their audition. Bouwe Dijkstra and Mister Nieuwenhuis, thanks for your participation!

Bouwe Dijkstra:

Mister Nieuwenhuis:

Oh and don’t forget to vote, all the videos can be found on our Youtube Channel as well;

Added two more entries!

Chaim Murzan:

Gerrit Bos:

7 Comments on “The Voice of Pier #5 (Updated)

  1.  by  bpfh

    Chaim Murzan’s version sounded good, maybe with a little less laughing ;) It really sounds like the voice of a bad-a** freedom fighter!!

    Just one question though, will there be any english voices or just subtitles? I’ve never heard Frisian and my Dutch stops at “bier” and “hoi” (though for a pirate, that should be enough!!!)

  2.  by  Remco

    It probably depends on how far we’re able to stretch the budget. We would like to have English voices as well, but the least we’re aiming for is subtitles in English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch.

  3.  by  USSGreatePier

    Budget? I bet plenty of people would volunteer to lend their voices :P

    Anyway, good to see more entries for the voice auditions… Chaim’s is not to my taste, personally… It may be a bit ‘too much’. Gerrit’s contribution is pretty good, but my vote stays unchanged.

  4.  by  Marygold

    I vote for Gerrit, really like the way he makes you feel you are listening to Grutte Pier.

  5.  by  GroteGreenGiant

    Hello from Canada! If this game’s voices are recorded only in Dutch and Frisian that would be fine by me. I don’t speak either of those languages but think the idea of having a subtitled game out there would be awesome, a good conversation piece. A lot of my friends and I watch foreign movies and prefer to listen to the original language to having them dubbed in with the English language. One thing I do request is that you make it possible to run parallel subtitles – by this I mean that you can have English alongside with Dutch and/or Frisian subtitles so as to make a way to learn some phrases while playing. I am really looking forward to seeing the final product and will spread the word to some of my friends here in Canada who are of Dutch and Frisian descent – we are all excited about this project!

  6.  by  Remco

    Good suggestion! We had actually not thought about showing two languages at the same time. We’ll have to see how that would fit within the interface, since it would mean doubling the amount of text we display, but your support is greatly appreciated!

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